Acknowledgement of Traditional Territories

A recent query from a member generated many different responses from GPOP colleagues. She had been asked by her Board Chair to inquire about the practices other Colleges may have adopted regarding acknowledgement of traditional territories at the beginning of Board meetings. Click here for a summary of responses. Thanks to Jenny Forestell (NBCC) and Lisa McIntyre (Fanshawe) for their work in compiling this information.

How to Address Those Dignitaries

What to say in person, and in correspondence

GPOP has a new page under its Resources section.

If you’re looking for information on protocols for addressing dignitaries, an event checklist or protocols for flying your flags, you’ll want to follow the drop-down list from Resources and select Protocol – Events and Ceremonies.

If you have other resources that are publicly available, let us know so that we may include them on GPOP’s Protocols page.