Awards and Grants

There are three unique awards and grants accessible to our members: Hicks Morley Fellowship, Award for Distinguished Service, and Award for Professional Achievement.

Hicks Morley Fellowship

A Hicks Morley Fellowship has been established in the amount of $1,000.00 per year for a five year period, commencing 2018 through to 2022. This award was created to support the attendance of one GPOP member at our annual conference, which is held in conjunction with the Colleges and Institutes Canada (CICan) annual conference. The Hicks Morley Fellowship will enable one of our valued members to attend the GPOP annual conference and give them the opportunity of connecting with peers, as well as providing a unique personal development opportunity.

Many thanks and appreciation to Hicks Morley for their generosity and support and to GPOP member Cheryl McMurray for pursuing the idea of a fellowship and making it a reality.

Past Hicks Morley Fellowship Recipients:
2019: Alice Shuda, Centennial College
2018: Shelagh Donnelly, Douglas College

$500 AGM & Conference Grant Recipients: 
2017: Peggy Baldwin, Keyano College
2016: Erin Elliott, Nova Scotia Community College
(The $500 AGM & Conference Grant was replaced with the Hicks Morley Fellowship in 2018)

 Award for Distinguished Service

The Award for Distinguished Service recognizes the significant personal and professional contributions made by a current or past member to the Governance and President’s Office Professionals (GPOP).

Distinguished Service Recipients:
2021: Laureen Dailey, Douglas College
2017: Shelagh Donnelly, Douglas College
2015: Margo Baptista, Grant MacEwan University

 Award for Professional Achievement

The Award for Professional Achievement recognizes current and past members who have made significant contributions to the realm of higher education or who have achieved professional success due, in part, to their experiences as a governance and/or president’s office professional.

Professional Achievement Recipients:
2022 – Elizabeth Beamish, Georgian College
2019 – Jenny Forestell, New Brunswick Community College
2017- Cheryl McMurray, Fanshawe College
2016 – Diane Marcellus-Kerr, Lethbridge College
2015 – Joanna Campbell, Okanagan College