Pre-Conference Poll #4: Would You Like to Serve on a 2016-17 GPOP Committee?

Thank you to our 2015-16 Conference and PD Committee for all your thoughtful planning leading to today’s event. From left to right,  we have Committee Chair Jenny Forestell and fellow members Nicole Blanchette, Lori Brown and Joanne O’Neill, seen at last night’s reception.

Would You Like to Serve on One of our 2016-17 Committees ?

Please take a moment to let your incoming Board know how you may wish to contribute in the year ahead.

 Members-Only Poll: 2016-17 GPOP Committees

Be sure to click the “Vote” option for each question.

Pre-Conference Poll #3: Use of the GPOP Listserv

At the KeyboardWe established our national listserv at Douglas College in 2010 and have since transitioned it to Langara College, where GPOP Director Diana Falcon and her colleagues manage it on members’ behalf.

Shared Expertise at Your Fingertips

If you and your Chair or President are thinking it would be helpful to learn how another institution approached a certain undertaking, ask your peers. Looking for a template? Rather than reinventing the wheel, turn to your listserv. Members will naturally exercise discretion in what they share and communicate, but you will find them to be as generous with information as is appropriate.

You can use the GPOP listserv to connect with other members and ask questions, seek the benefit of experience and share best practices.

Listserv Protocol

We recommend that members insert “Governance Query” or “President’s Office Query” in email subject lines, to reflect the focus of a query.

Tell Us What You Think of GPOP’s Listserv

This is the third of our 2016 pre-conference polls, and it’s important to have members’ input.

To complete the first two polls, scroll through this site’s home page or just click here for the Members’ Poll on Conference Grants and here for the poll on whether we should introduce membership fees. Please also complete the poll below to help inform discussions at our May 29/16 AGM.

Members-Only Poll: Listserv Use and Protocols

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Pre-Conference Poll #2: What Do You Think of GPOP Membership Fees?

As your national professional association, GPOP strives to support individual members and also their respective colleges, cégeps and institutions.

Members have ready access to peer expertise through the listserv and professional development resources provided on this website.

Each year, GPOP’s Conference and Professional Development Committee strives to present content-rich  programmes with development opportunities that meet members’ specific needs. Keynote speakers and facilitators are drawn to our conferences in the spirit of professional colalboration. While we incur expenses to attract such expertise, costs are typically limited to travel costs and a token of appreciation.

This year, the Board of Directors established a $500 AGM and Conference Grant. Yesterday, we encouraged your feedback, in GPOP’s pre-conference poll #1, on the future of conference grants. To complete that poll, just click here.

We’d Also Like Members’ Input on Whether We Should Introduce GPOP Membership Fees

Your Board of Directors is inviting discussion of implementing membership fee to support our capacity to do more for members. We will have our AGM agenda package published before week’s end, and members will have access to the Secretary-Treasurer’s report. In the meantime, please complete the poll below to help inform discussions at our May 29/16 AGM.

Members-Only Poll: Should We Introduce Membership Fees? 

Be sure to click the “Vote” option for each question.

Pre-Conference Poll #1: Should the Conference Grant be an Annual Opportunity?

PBSN PNPA 2014 Conference 2GPOP established the 2016 AGM and Conference Grant to financially support a member who otherwise may not have sufficient resources to attend GPOP’s AGM and Conference in Quebec City.

To support discussions during our May 29/16 AGM, please take a couple of minutes to complete the following poll.


Members-Only Poll

Welcome to Giselle, Janet and Sandi

As your 2013-14 PBSN/PNPA Co-Chairs strive to build awareness of this national association and its listserve, we’re appreciative of ACCC (Association of Canadian Community College) communications to this end, and delighted to welcome more peers to this association.

  • Giselle, Executive Assistant to the President, College of the North Atlantic, Newfoundland
  • Janet, Executive Assistant to the President and Board, Justice Institute of BC (JIBC), British Columbia
  • Sandi, Senior Executive Assistant, President’s Office and Board of Governors, Holland College, Prince Edward Island

Nova Scotia Community College – Waterfront Campus, Halifax

Thanks, also, to Langara College’s Diana Falcon, who is arranging for the addition of these newest members to our national listserve.

Want to see your institution or people pictured on our site? Please send a .JPEG along with a completed PBSN PNPA Media Release REV 2014-03-28 and we’d be delighted to feature you or your organisation.

Welcome to Anna, Candice, Maureen and Patty

In an example of yet another benefit of professional development, this week’s Enterprise Risk Management Symposium facilitated by Ontario’s College Centre of Board Excellence created opportunities to introduce or otherwise connect some of us with similar roles.

With our thanks to Centennial College Governor Charlie Regan and Georgian College’s Anna Duda for these introductions, please join us in extending a warm welcome to some of our newest PBSN/PNPA members.

Orchid Copyright Shelagh Donnelly

  • Maureen, EA to the Board of Governors – Centennial College
  • Candice, Administrative Secretary, Office of the President and CEO – Georgian College
  • Patty, Senior Presidential Advisor and Government Relations, Office of the President and CEO – Georgian College

Thanks, also, to Langara College’s Alice Hsu, who is arranging for the addition of these newest members to our national listserve.