Welcome to Anna, Candice, Maureen and Patty

In an example of yet another benefit of professional development, this week’s Enterprise Risk Management Symposium facilitated by Ontario’s College Centre of Board Excellence created opportunities to introduce or otherwise connect some of us with similar roles.

With our thanks to Centennial College Governor Charlie Regan and Georgian College’s Anna Duda for these introductions, please join us in extending a warm welcome to some of our newest PBSN/PNPA members.

Orchid Copyright Shelagh Donnelly

  • Maureen, EA to the Board of Governors – Centennial College
  • Candice, Administrative Secretary, Office of the President and CEO – Georgian College
  • Patty, Senior Presidential Advisor and Government Relations, Office of the President and CEO – Georgian College

Thanks, also, to Langara College’s Alice Hsu, who is arranging for the addition of these newest members to our national listserve.

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