New By-laws approved at 2018 AGM

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GPOP held their first-ever virtual Annual General Meeting on May 31, 2018, expertly chaired by outgoing Board Chair, Jenny Forestell. Members in attendance approved minutes, received committee reports and approved the 2018-2019 Board and Committee structure. They also revised the current By-laws, mainly to expand the membership clause to include people who report or work directly with the chief executive officer (CEO) or Vice President, who has a Board support function, of any Canadian college, institution, cégep, university, or other organization specifically in the Canadian post-secondary education sector. This change makes the membership criteria less restrictive and will contribute to a more diverse and inclusive membership. The signed and approved 2018 By-laws are now available on the GPOP website. Our collective thanks and appreciation to Jenny for her strong leadership over the past two years and a warm welcome to Nicole Blanchette who now steps into the Board Chair role.


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