An Outstanding Opportunity: Act On It Now

If you’re interested in an opportunity for professional growth, consider service on GPOP’s Board of Directors

Why not take a bit of time to consider whether this is the opportunity you’ve been seeking to develop or flex those leadership skills?

Your GPOP Board conducts its business via conference calls and email, and this represents a unique opportunity to shape GPOP’s future.

While we’d love to see you at our AGMs, Board members need not be able to commit to attending conferences in order to contribute and make a meaningful impact.

We designed GPOP’s Board structure with staggered terms, to ensure both continuity and invigoration by way of annual elections. Your inaugural Board includes five members who were elected to three-year terms that will conclude in 2017, and six members whose terms will conclude this month. While each of these six members is eligible to stand again for election, some of us are intentionally standing down to ensure that you and your peers have the opportunity to step forward.

We have opportunities for six engaged members who would like to make a difference

Does this sound like you, or someone you know? Consider the impact on your CV of serving on a national board of directors, and the impact you can make on your professional association.

If you’re interested but the challenge sounds daunting, take a few moments to contact any of our current Board members to discuss the role. Then, contact the Nominating Committee.


How to Move Forward With a Nomination

The Board has established a Nominating Committee consisting of Joanna Campbell, Shelagh Donnelly and Jenny Forestell. If you would like to discuss the opportunity, or would like to nominate yourself and/or another GPOP member, let’s talk.

Please direct your nominations to

Shelagh Donnelly, Chair, Nominating Committee, on or before Thursday, May 26, 2016

 Email:    Telephone: 604-527-538


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