Meet Erin – GPOP’s first grant recipient!


Earlier this year, the GPOP Board of Directors established a $500 grant to financially support a member who otherwise may not have sufficient resources to attend the 2016 AGM and Conference. A call for applications went out in March and submissions were adjudicated by the Awards and Recognition Committee.

Erin Elliott NSCCThe deserving recipient of the 2016 grant is Erin Elliott, Executive Assistant to the President at Nova Scotia Community College.  This will be Erin’s first time attending a GPOP AGM and Conference and she is looking forward to benefiting from the insights of colleagues across the country, meeting others in similar positions and bringing back new ideas of how to enhance her own role.  As Erin remarked, “I am honored to be a recipient and it is pretty cool to be the first!”  On behalf of all of us, congratulations Erin.  See you soon in Quebec City!

2 thoughts on “Meet Erin – GPOP’s first grant recipient!

  1. Great work Erin. With three EA’s attending the GPOP/CICan conference from NSCC this grant makes a huge difference. Way to go! Enjoy the conference and bring me back a treat 😉