The Inaugural PBSN/PNPA Post

Welcome to the PBSN/PNPA’s blog.

Douglas College, BC  - New Westminster Campus

Douglas College, BC – New Westminster Campus

Cue the drum roll as we launch this blog for members of the PBSN/PNPA.

If you’re familiar with the acronym, you’re likely a member. If not, welcome to the public portion of our blog, and read on to learn more.

The PBSN/PNPA represents a network of individuals contributing to Canadian colleges and institutes as board professionals and/or as presidents’ assistants.

The Professional Board Staff Network (PBSN) was founded in 1995 as a peer network and professional development body for people contributing in such governance capacities to Canadian colleges and institutes.

In 2011, in recognition that participation in PBSN meetings and conferences increasingly included peers whose primary or dual responsibility related to Presidents’ offices, members expanded the scope of their meetings and a new, lengthier acronym was born. Today, the latter part of this group’s name represents the Professional Network of Presidents’ Assistants (PNPA).

The PBSN/PNPA meets annually, typically at conferences hosted by the Association of Canadian Community Colleges (ACCC), and members stay in touch and share best practices by means of a listserve.

Members’ Login – Password-Secured Section for PBSN/PNPA Members

If you are key to governance or CEO support at your public post-secondary college, institution or CEGEP, check for a PBSN/PNPA listserve message providing you log-in access to the Members Only areas of this blog. Here, we’ll post conference agendas, minutes and other resources – and we’ll encourage you to contribute.

How Do I Join?

If you hold a role as described above but aren’t receiving messages from the listserve, just click on the speech bubble near the top of this post to reply/comment and tell us who you are. We – one of your 2013-14 PBSN/PNPA Co-Chairs – will be back in touch.