Putting Faces to Names: Nominees for Election to GPOP’s Board of Directors

Would You Like to Join Them?

We now have five candidates for GPOP’s six 2016-19 Director opportunities, and have room for at least one more nominee. If you hover your cursor over the images, you’ll see each candidate’s name.

Thank you to each of Marlene Beaulieu, Nicole Blanchette, Christabell Pinchin, Cheryl McMurray and Sandi White for accepting nominations.

Returning Directors

Incoming Directors will work alongside Joanna Campbell, Laureen Dailey, Diana Falcon, Jenny Forestell, Lori Robert and Heather Steckley – whose first terms will conclude with the 2017 AGM.  Jenny Forestell will assume Chair responsibilities at the close of our May 29/16 AGM, and Shelagh Donnelly will transition to the role of Past Chair.


Two Days Left in Which to File Nominations

The call for nominations closes on Thursday, May 26, 2016. If you’d like to discuss the opportunity, or would like to nominate yourself and/or another GPOP member, let’s talk. Please contact any member of the Nominating Committee, which consists of Joanna Campbell, Shelagh Donnelly and Jenny Forestell.


Please direct your nominations to

Shelagh Donnelly, Chair, Nominating Committee, on or before Thursday, May 26, 2016

 Email: donnellys@douglascollege.ca    Telephone: 604-527-538


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