Sat. May 2

Kent Highnam

Kent Highnam, Cert. ConRes., BA, MA, is an international educator and speaker with a background in international and public relations with the United Nations and the International Committee of the Red Cross. He has worked in public and private organizations as an educator, facilitator and practitioner in collaborative, interest-based processes in both English and French. As Program Director of JIBC’s School of Health and Community Social Justice, Kent also has extensive experience in human resources and labour relations issues. He directs and teaches for the Centre for Conflict Resolution, the Centre for Leadership and also instructs in JIBC’s Law Enforcement Studies Diploma.

The Power of Positive No

Whether you are negotiating an important issue, expressing your thoughts and feelings in a conflict or standing firm under pressure, the ability to self-manage, connect with your values and assert yourself is crucial to being able to reach outcomes that work for you.


Upon completion of this workshop, you will be able to:

 • Identify personal strengths and personal values that you bring to your work

• Describe the impact of challenging behavior on your thoughts and actions

• Determine your circle of influence, your circle of concern and your legitimate negotiation power

• Adopt strategies to say “no” positively when challenged

• Practice