Keynote Speaker

SUNDAY, APRIL 30, 2017 

Heather Allaby
Connections that Count: Positioning Boards and Presidents’ Offices for Strong Media, Government, and Community Relations

Heather Allaby is Community and Government Relations Advisor at New Brunswick Community College (NBCC).

Heather has helped organizations and individuals tell their stories and connect with their audiences for nearly 20 years. As NBCC’s Community and Government Relations Advisor since 2013, Heather leads the College’s media, public and government relations activities, its community engagement investments and the award-winning NBCC Robertson Institute for Community Leadership.  She works closely with senior leadership and the Board of Governors to support governance, advocacy and stakeholder engagement.

As a past political advisor to three Leaders of the Opposition and then the Premier of New Brunswick, Heather has a unique vantage point on what makes governments tick.  She has extensive experience in aligning compelling stories with policy priorities as a communications professional and speechwriter. More recently,  she has expanded her expertise into social media shaping digital strategies both as Director of Communications for a provincial arts organization and as an independent communications consultant. Personally, she has been a social media ambassador for Downtown Fredericton and a blogger for Fredericton tourism.

GPOP 2017_Connections that Count presentation