2017 Conference & AGM Delegates

The following members will be attending the 2017 conference and AGM and have given consent to have their name published on the website:

  1. Angie Axford, Executive Assistant to VP, Academic and Board Liaison, Nova Scotia Community College
  2. Peggy Baldwin, Executive Assistant, Keyano College
  3. Sue Bate, Executive Assistant, North Island College
  4. Marlene Beaulieu, Executive Office Administrator, College of New Caledonia
  5. Lianne Birkbeck, Executive Assistant and Government Relations Advisor to the President/CEO and Board of Governors, Lambton College
  6. Nicole Blanchette, Senior Executive Associate & Board Coordinator, NorQuest College
  7. Jane Bradford, Executive Assistant to the President and CEO, New Brunswick Community College
  8. Joanna Campbell, Executive Assistant to the President, Okanagan College
  9. Maureen Clarke, Executive Assistant, President and Board, Grande Prairie Regional College
  10. Lucie Cousineau, Chief of Staff, Cambrian College
  11. Shelagh Donnelly, College Secretary, Douglas College
  12. Jenny Forestell, Executive Assistant, Board of Governors, New Brunswick Community College
  13. Pierrette Fortier, Executive Assistant, Northern College
  14. Janet Haberfield, Executive Assistant to President & Board , Justice Institute of British Columbia
  15. Jennifer Hann, Communications & Research Coordinator, President’s Office, Centennial College
  16. Desiree Judd, Executive Assistant, Board of Governors & Executive Assistant, VP Corporate Services & CFO, Northern Lakes College
  17. Lorraine Maitland, Executive Assistant to the President & CEO, Centennial College
  18. Heather Martin, College Governance Executive Assistant, Camosun College
  19. Tracy McDougall, Director, President’s Office, Algonquin College
  20. Lisa McIntyre, Administrative Assistant Board of Governors, Fanshawe College
  21. Cheryl McMurray, Executive Assistant Office of the President, Fanshawe College
  22. Christabell Pinchin, Secretary, Board of Governors, Nova Scotia Community College
  23. Melissa Pringle, Corporate and Board Secretary, Durham College
  24. Anne-Marie Rocheleau, Coordonnatrice au Bureau de la présidence, La Cité
  25. Dawn Simlett, Executive Assistant, Campuses & Communities, Nova Scotia Community College
  26. Erin Symington, Executive Assistant, Yukon College
  27. Victoria Tiqui-Sanford, Assistant to the Board of Governors, Algonquin College
  28. Kailen Watson, Executive Assistant to the President and CEO, Bow Valley College
  29. Gail White, Executive Assistant to Board of Governors, SAIT
  30. Susan Woods, Executive Assistant to President and Board, College of the Rockies