Conference Tips

Whether you are new to the GPOP or CICan conference or a repeat attendee, you may find these tips helpful in ensuring that you maximise this professional development event:

  • Brush up on your networking skills.  Check out these articles:
  • Remember to bring your business cards.
  • Check with Registration to inquire when the Gala Dinner tickets reservations open.  NOTE: You cannot book a table of 8 under “College Name” as they will want the name of each individual.
  • Pack your cocktail attire for the closing Gala.  This year you’re encouraged to bring a masquerade mask. Check out the CICan online schedule for ideas (scroll down to the end)
  • Review the GPOP and CICan conference webpages regularly for updates.
  • Expect to be surrounded by like-minded people.
  • Bring a positive attitude.
  • Learn and have fun!

masquerade mask 2