AGMs & Conferences

At GPOP, we take the business of professional development seriously 

… but we know how to have fun while going about it! Each year, GPOP hosts a conference packed with learning opportunities that members can take back to campus and apply directly to their roles. We partner with Colleges and Institutes Canada (CICan) to host our own conference on the weekend leading into the annual CICan conference. We kick off the weekend with a GPOP networking event that provides members with invaluable contacts, and first-time attendees will find a warm welcome.


We’ve made a tradition of opening our conferences with remarks from CICan President and CEO Denise Amyot

… who is generous with her time and expertise. Make no mistake, though; these are two-way conversations, and Denise will typically have questions for GPOP members. Conferences unfold with inspiring speakers offering ideas and insights on relevant topics, and members participate in the sharing of best practices.

GPOP recognises members’ excellence

During the AGM, we honour select peers for their excellence. GPOP has developed an Award for Distinguished Service, and an Award for Professional Achievement. GPOP’s Awards and Nominations Committee solicits and considers nominations for these awards, which are not necessarily presented every year, and then makes recommendations for approval by GPOP’s Board of Directors.

In 2016, GPOP established its first annual  AGM and Conference Grant, designed to offer financial support to one member who might not otherwise be able to attend our AGM and conference.

Conference afternoons typically see members forming into roundtable groups that afford focused opportunities to share best practices and seek advice from trusted peers.

Whether or not you’re able to remain for the subsequent CICan conference, you’re sure to find that the friendships and networks forged through the course of GPOP’s annual gathering will prove invaluable to you back on campus.

Learning from Peers and External Subject Matter Experts

Join us on Twitter before departing for our next AGM and Conference

Follow the drop-down menus under AGMs and Conferences for information relating to conferences from 2013 onward, and don’t forget to join us on Twitter.

While at the conference, you and your peers can rely on Twitter to relay word of conference recommendations, closing banquet table bookings and additional, sometimes impromptu, gatherings that represent further opportunities to network and learn from one another.



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